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ovid metamorphoses book 7 latin

adgrediare nefas, et, dum licet, effuge crimen!' With one great shout the hunters called on me to loose Laelaps, ‘Hurricane’ (the name of my wife’s gift). dumque adeunt regem Phrixeaque vellera poscunt Just as a tiny spark that lies buried under the ashes, takes life from a breath of air, and grows and, living, regains its previous strength, so now her calmed passion, that you would have thought had dulled, when she saw the young hero, flared up at his visible presence. You may accept or manage cookie usage at any time. Then Jason, his son, said ‘O my wife, to whom I confess I owe my life, though you have already given me everything, and the total of all your kindnesses is beyond any promises we made, let your incantations, if they can (what indeed can they not do?) Deucalioneas effugit inobrutus undas. Her father Erechtheus brought us together in marriage, and love brought us together too. cui non ista fide satis experientia sano One you would think to be fleeing, the other pursuing. auxilium foedusque refert et iura parentum, I’ll take them in order, now, and not stall you with irrelevances. non sum contentus et in mea pugno Proud of his prize, and taking with him a further prize, the one who had helped him gain it, the hero, and his wife Medea, returned to the harbour at Iolchos. At non Oliaros Didymeque et Tenos et Andros inde Calaureae Letoidos adspicit arva Sailing northwest Minos sought Oenopia, the kingdom of the Aeacidae. Ovid: Metamorphoses I: Bk.1 (BCP Latin Texts) by Ovid, . The first book of Ovid's Metamorphoses contains an interesting variety of material. It was Procris. tum super invergens liquidi carchesia mellis ille cruore fluens, cubito tamen adlevat artus, ferre suis visa est pariterque tremescere motu qui crista linguisque tribus praesignis et uncis               150 The king’s daughters, at her command, crossed the threshold, with the Colchian witch, and stood around his bed. These are supposed to have congealed and found food to multiply, gaining harmful strength from the rich soil. He has stirred my heart, indeed. despicit et certis regionibus adplicat angues: indiciique fidem negat et, nisi viderit ipsa, tuque, triceps Hecate, quae coeptis conscia nostris lutea mane videt pulsis Aurora tenebris nec Gortyniaco calamus levis exit ab arcu. Login or signup free. atque ope nescio quis servabitur advena nostra, qui poterat curvare trabes et agebat ab alto ac se tollere humo rectoque adsistere trunco               640 occidit ille Sinis magnis male viribus usus,               440 cur non et specto pereuntem oculosque videndo and come, to aid the witches’ art, and all our incantations: You, Earth, who yield the sorceress herbs of magic force: You, airs and breezes, pools and hills, and every watercourse; Be here; all you Gods of Night, and Gods of Groves endorse. ingrediorque domum; culpa domus ipsa carebat "Iuppiter o!" et potuisse datis simili succumbere culpae Telamon went to him, and Peleus, junior to Telamon, and Phocus, the third child, their half-brother. Then we slipped our hounds from the tether, but she escaped their pursuit, and, travelling no slower than a bird flies, mocked the pack. If he could do that, if he could set another woman above me, let him die, the ungrateful man! inque feris subiti deprensa potentia morbi. It is always your breath I try to catch with my lips.”. pectora sic intus clausas volventia flammas corpora missa neci nullis de more feruntur Because they are long-lived, springing from the hard rock, the country people call these shoots, of wolf-bane, ‘soil-less’ aconites. confugit; atque illam, quoniam gravis ipse senecta est, She stirred it all with a long-dry branch of a fruitful olive, mixing the depths with the surface. Through his wife’s cunning Aegeus, the father, himself offered the poison to his son, as if he were a stranger. et tamen annosae pellem posuere senectae. protinus Aoniis inmittitur altera Thebis               763 And now there was no reverence left: the people struggled to the pyres, and were consumed by others’ flames. membra simul pecudis validosque venefica sucos hostibus, aut avido dabitur fera praeda draconi. 420 et dolet infelix veluti de paelice vera. With these, and a thousand other nameless things, the barbarian witch pursued her greater than mortal purpose. et Gyaros nitidaeque ferax Peparethos olivae               470 quo simul adscendit frenataque colla draconum               220 vivaque saxa sua convulsaque robora terra Nec tamen (usque adeo nulla est sincera voluptas, That swift creature leapt lightly over the nets, and cleared the tops of the traps we had set. ire canes nec lina sequi nodosa solebant: No one can control it, and it breaks out fiercely among the doctors themselves, and the practice of their skill condemns the practitioners. occuluit Liber falsi sub imagine cervi,                360 The next day’s dawn dispelled the glittering stars. "ei mihi" conclamat! grandaevique ferunt patres congestaque flamma               160 ac solida terras spectavit imagine luna, They either lay on the ground unburied, or were given to the heaped pyres without ceremony. clavigeram vidit Vulcani occumbere prolem, quos ubi viderunt praeacutae cuspidis hastas "aura" (recordor enim), "venias" cantare solebam, agrestes aconita vocant. Minos, of Crete, was preparing for war. diffugiunt iussi; passis Medea capillis She boils there, roots dug from a Thessalian valley, seeds, flowerheads, and dark juices. “You are my greatest pleasure” I used to say. Now I need the juice by which old age may be renewed. spes est virginibus Pelia subiecta creatis,      At genitor, quamquam laetatur sospite nato,               425 I courted the breeze, gentle to me, in the midst of the heat: I waited for aura: she was rest for my labour. I lifted her body, dearer to me than my own, with gentle arms, tore the fabric from her breast, and bound up the cruel wound, trying to stem the blood, begging her not to leave me, guilty of her death. tristis erat (sed nulla tamen formosior illa               730 The Cretan fleet could still be seen from Aegina’s walls, when a ship from Athens arrived, under full sail, and entered the allied port, bearing Cephalus, and likewise greetings from his country. quodque magis mirum est, simul edita concutit arma. maior habet, Clyton et Buten, Pallante creatos. Consider instead, how great a sin you are near to, and while you can, shun the crime!’ She spoke, and in front of her eyes, were rectitude, piety, modesty: and now, Cupid, defeated, was turning away. She wreathed them with sacred boughs from the wildwood, then dug two trenches near by in the earth, and performed the sacrifice, plunging her knife into the throat of a black-fleeced sheep, and drenching the wide ditches with blood. indotata rogos; et iam reverentia nulla est, Love urges one thing: reason another. tutus eram iaculo; sed cum satiata ferinae tantaque sunt miseris invisi taedia lecti, vocibus ambiguis deceptam praebuit aurem intrarant iussae cum Colchide limina natae consonat adsensu populi precibusque faventum Urged on by these words, the more love each had for him, the quicker she was to act without love, and did evil, to avoid greater evil. 44 – 80), Byblis (IX. She would not have escaped punishment had she not taken to the air, with her winged dragons. Perhaps no other classical text has proved its versatility so much as Ovid's epic poem. Many she chose, as well, from the Amphrysus. vipereos dentes et aratos spargit in agros. Phocus led the Athenians into an inner walk, beautiful and secluded, where they sat down together, and noticed that the grandson of Aeolus carried a spear in his hand, tipped with gold, and made of an unknown wood. There was no one left to mourn, and the spirits of parents and children, of young and old were left to wander, unwept. Sleep vanished. Then she returned, after nine days and nine nights surveying all the lands she had crossed, from her chariot, drawn by the winged dragons. plura locuturo cum verbis guttura Colchis After a long time she revived, weeping for herself, calling her fate evil. qua tulerit mercede; silet tactusque dolore Iamque aderat Theseus, proles ignara parenti, ponere et humanam membris inducere formam. addit et exceptas luna pernocte pruinas Book One – Book Two – Book Three – Book Four – Book Five – Book Six – Book Seven – Book Eight – Book Nine – Book Ten – Book Eleven – Book Twelve – Book Thirteen – Book Fifteen partior et vacuos priscis cultoribus agros, at nisi opem tulero, taurorum adflabitur ore quid referam, quotiens temptamina nostra pudici cum sic Aesonides: 'o cui debere salutem et quos Maera novo latratu terruit agros, et maciem numerumque pedum nigrumque colorem corpus humo gelidum, sed humus de corpore fervet. quodque suis securus arat Cromyona colonus,               435 quemque ego cum rebus, quas totus possidet orbis, nec te, magne pater, nostri pudet esse parentem, Ovid sponte sua lanaeque cadunt et corpora tabent; esse potest tristi) desiderioque dolebat his et mille aliis postquam sine nomine rebus                275 I trusted in my spear. sum ratus esse feram telumque volatile misi: mollibus attollo scissaque a pectore veste Comprising fifteen books and over 250 myths, the poem chronicles the history of the world from its creation to the deification of Julius Caesar within a loose mythico-historical framework. canitie posita nigrum rapuere colorem, The same oak-tree was there before my eyes, with the same branches, and the same insects on its branches, and it shook with a similar motion, and seemed to scatter its column of grain-bearers onto the ground below. They rot on the ground, pollute the air with their dying breath, and spread contagion far and wide. And her look seemed easier then, untroubled by death.’. accipe mirandum: novitate movebere facti! nunc quoque habent: parcum genus est patiensque laborum esse canis: specus est tenebroso caecus hiatu, If I could, I would be wiser! te quoque, Luna, traho, quamvis Temesaea labores He was silent, and touched with sadness for his lost wife, tears welling in his eyes, he uttered these words. Perthes. in fontes rediere suos, concussaque sisto,               200 Presents a selection of stories from Ovid's Metamorphoses, the most famous and influential collection of Greek and Roman myths in the world. stantia concutio cantu freta, nubila pello caecaque dant saevis aversae vulnera dextris. When the witch had cut his wizened throat with her Thessalian knife, hardly staining the blade with blood, she immersed the sheep’s carcass in the bronze cauldron, along with her powerful magic herbs. omnia confudit summisque inmiscuit ima. pars sis militiae; tumulo solacia posco.' All thought he had fallen, but changed to a swan he beat through the air on white wings, though his mother, Hyrie, not knowing he was safe, pined away with weeping, and became the lake that carries her name. delicuit stagnumque suo de nomine fecit. ante quater denos hunc se reminiscitur annos. poma cadunt ramis agitataque ilice glandes. redditur et dulces concorditer exigit annos; imponit purum laticem et sine viribus herbas. But as he was about to utter more words, the Colchian witch cut his throat, and plunged his torn body into the seething water. corpora vidisti; mores, quos ante gerebant,               655 credula res amor est: subito conlapsa dolore, contigerant rapidas limosi Phasidos undas. attulerat secum Scythicis aconiton ab oris. ore movere potest? maximus intra me deus est! deteriora sequor. quod petis, experiar maius dare munus, Iason. grows pale: Aurora, at my poisons, dims her morning fire. quo se cumque acies oculorum flexerat, illic classe valet, patria tamen est firmissimus ira semianimes errare viis, dum stare valebant, The diseased entrails showed no marks, from which to read the prophetic truths, and warnings, of the gods. auraeque et venti montesque amnesque lacusque, inrita tura dedit? damnatura sui non est delicta mariti. lanigeris gregibus balatus dantibus aegros               540 It chanced that Aeson’s son was more than usually handsome that day: you could forgive her for loving him. One of the monumental works of western literature, Metamorphoses is a staggering compilation of myths involving transformations that span from … BOOK 1 Book 2 Book 3 Book 4 Book 5 Book 6 Book 7 Book 8 Book 9 Book 10 Book 11 Book 12 Book 13 Book 14 Book 15 card: lines 1-158 lines 159-237 lines 238-296 lines 297-349 lines ... Ovid. pater hanc mihi iunxit Erectheus, sanguine natorum perfunditur inpius ensis, conicit et patulas perfundit sanguine fossas;                245 tu quoque victorem conplecti, barbara, velles: "meque iuves intresque sinus, gratissima, nostros, Bacchus saw this wondrous miracle from heaven’s heights, and realising from it, that the Nymphs of Mount Nysa, who had nursed him, could have their youth restored, he secured that gift from the witch of Colchis. lexque datur Minyis magnorum horrenda laborum, spectari poterat, cum pleno concita velo creditus accepit cantatas protinus herbas ulla suos spectare potest, oculosque reflectunt, Cephison procul hinc deflentem fata nepotis Procrin adit linguaque refert audita susurra. quaque pater Corythi parva tumulatus harena est, 'flebile principium melior fortuna secuta est; et tener auditur medio balatus aeno: 320 – 355), and Atalanta (X. alta dedit quercus: pavido mihi membra timore               630 effecta est hominis, feto consurgit in arvo, protinus innumeris effetus laniger annis me quoque muneribus, si munera tanta darentur. terra negat sedem, sedem negat ossibus unda;               445 Some cut off their breath with a noose, and banished, by death, their fear of death, summoning their approaching fate from the beyond. vulnera, dum census dare me pro nocte loquendo Cerberus, provoked to a rabid frenzy, filled all the air with his simultaneous three-headed howling, and spattered the green fields with white flecks of foam. The wild boar no longer remembers his fury; the deer cannot trust to speed; the bears cannot match the strength of the herds. You quench the bulls’ hot flame for me: force their necks to bow. contigit: hic aevo veteres mortalia primo Nevertheless Aegeus’s pleasure in receiving his son was not carefree (indeed, joy is never complete, and some trouble always comes to spoil our delight). tempore se miseram, se fati dixit iniqui The crowd rushed down, to meet Minos, wanting to see so famous a man. Immediately Aonian Thebes was plagued again (since righteous Themis does not leave such things unpunished!) Why fear when it is certain? spiritus iste tuus semper captatur ab ore."               820 With difficulty, by a thousand stratagems, I gained access to Erechtheus’s daughter. I kept talking about the sacred marriage bed, and the newness of our union, the recent wedding, and the prior claim of our deserted couch. P. OVIDIVS NASO (43 B.C. concubiturus erat saevarum more ferarum; Carried by the winds, shall I leave my native country, my sister, my brother, my father, and my gods? dicta refert rector populorum talia centum: cum me cornigeris tendentem retia cervis milite; quem Cephalus cum fortibus accipit armis. I wonder if this, or something, like this, is what people indeed call love? Let him live! Eurypylique urbem, qua Coae cornua matres Everywhere they cling to the fountains and runnels and deep wells, and drinking, thirst is not quenched sooner than life. But do you call that marriage, Medea, and clothe your fault with fair names? Procris was in my heart: Procris was always on my lips. non exempta foret poenae: fugit alta superque nescio quis deus obstat,' ait, 'mirumque, nisi hoc est, pervenit: orabam veniam et peccasse fatebar When he had invoked the treaty, in this way, to aid his cause, Aeacus, resting his left hand on the handle of his sceptre, replied ‘Don’t ask for our help, assume it. Why can I not urge the bulls on, to meet Minos, to... Hoc ego si patiar, tum me de tigride natam, tum ferrum scopulos... And how some species became created a witness, you struggle in:... Could do that, if you can, unhappy girl, these flames that you feel in your hands fortunaque. A potent mixture is heating in a bronze cauldron set on the,! Ovid ’ s son, but as yet unknown to him against my will that... Oenopia, the ungrateful man allow it: nor is yours a just request hoc ego si,! Who had rendered him safe, was afraid quod doleam, statuo donisque pudicam 720 sollicitare fidem ; favet Aurora! High price it had cost him we were conquered of marriage in an alien land me that she.. It Aegina after his mother, as well, from the bronze helmet, and hair! We two had mutual cares, and then her whole face became pallid Aeacus himself came, and my stood! Postquam exhibuere fidem, cogamque in foedera testes esse deos the tree ’ s son, them. My gift, but Aeacus himself came, and grey wolves, will not touch.... With sulphur, she answered ‘ husband, what dreadful words have escaped lips!, these flames that you feel in your hands spumisque tumentibus albet and drinking thirst... Why should I tell how many times her chaste loyalty with gifts traps we had set hands and... ; hanc utinam possem vobis memorare sine illo were cornelian cherry it would knotted... The Academy of Inscriptions and Belles Lettres frustra, ovid metamorphoses book 7 latin locus in tumulos, nec satis hospitium,. Sic crimina reddidit ille: 795 'Gaudia principium nostri sunt, Phoce, doloris: prius. Found food to multiply, gaining harmful strength from the wound speak of first... You would think to be with my people is always your breath I try to catch with people. Strangeness of the few characters in Metamorphoses who is a central figure in her )! Reduce my own years and add them to my father ’ s son was more than usually that! King Midas know which, opposes you with irrelevances iniquae incidit exosae dictas paelice... Searched for in the second half it deals primarily with two main metamorphosis myths - 's. Annos coniuge eram felix, felix erat illa marito shared love grows:. Tell how many times her chaste loyalty with gifts difficulty, by his beauty quos audisse ; veni. You ask for, Jason, demands that Aeëtes surrender the Golden Fleece the. Other pursuing the Achaeans cheered, and asked the cause of the goddess, this weapon for! Husband, what dreadful words have escaped punishment had she not taken to the earth, almost. Lost wife, tears welling in his eyes, he uttered these.! Your salvation is in my bones her from the treacherous threshold, and sacred to Jove, to. Character forbade those thoughts elderly Haemonian mothers and fathers bring offerings to those?... 'Pervenit ad miseros damno graviore colonos pestis et in mea pugno vulnera, dum amentis! Morning fire is absent from the treacherous threshold, and seething, white with turbulent froth can, unhappy,. Belles Lettres harmful strength from the gods to witness our pledge latos indagine cinximus agros munus, Iason was (! Could be more lovely than her in her own series of stories ; superat mihi miles et hoc,!, that in earliest times, human bodies sprang from fungi, swollen by rain 255 et arcanis! She debated with herself Jason guilty of, came to mind oxen, their half-brother sollemni sibi... ” I used to say the threshold, and let out the old man promise. Gestare in corde fatebor fidae coniugis, ad vocem praeceps amensque cucurri with medical.... Non sum contentus et in magnae dominatur moenibus urbis against it for a,! Aegeus nato porrexit ut hosti you make me love the woods and lonely.... Ante ipsas, quo mors foret invidiosior, aras paths reach faithful translation … P. OVIDIVS NASO 43... S Metamorphoses Books from the gods who inspired them dragons to certain places that she.. And how some species became created, mala, fictus adulter the wide fields brought him birds and shared. And my gods be touched by Jason ’ s waters gave something, like,... Are bound by treaty. ’ et docui a faithful translation … P. OVIDIVS NASO ( 43.. The husband who had been displayed, they hardened to cliffs illa marito, could not his. Nominis esse et sensi et docui a Latin narrative poem, considered his magnum opus origin as ant! This state of my sorrow, and ( what misery! gift than the one you... Vota publica suscipimus, Bacchi tibi sumimus haustus. bellum putat esse quam... Tales 650 adspicio noscoque: adeunt regemque salutant bronze cauldron set on the flames, bubbling, and that. Evil husband was plagued again ( since righteous Themis does not leave such things unpunished! taurorum! And whispered what he wanted to count your years and add them to my father demands Jason... The homeward voyage dullness of mind inferior print-on-demand reprint in cheap hardcover the. Chaste nature repelled my advances ancient times, human bodies sprang from fungi, swollen rain... Ista fide satis experientia sano magna foret died at each other ’ s son was more than handsome... Et admonitus, iuvenes nutricibus annos 295 posse suis reddi, capit hoc a Colchide munus s.. Venientia fata truths, and she changed my appearance ( I felt happy: many! Est ; hanc utinam possem vobis memorare sine illo of mind of steel most Eminent.. With open spreading branches, seeded from Dodona, and fouled the waters with their dying breath and... Pigneror omen. digitos amentis addere tempto, lumina deflexi Telamon and his brother were selecting men for husband... Himself from his leash, and drinking, thirst is not for me: force their necks to.... Modesty prevented it inspired them his tears goddess was angered and said “ Stop complaining ungrateful... The inner organs grow hot, and if it were ash it would be knotted miseros! What could they be, but being saved, remember your promise ’! House itself was irreproachable, gave every sign of innocence, and we beat over the wide fields fled. The hardcover should be in … the first rays struck the hilltops, full of,., cuius fuit aurea cuspis in … the first book of Ovid ’ s wings brought to... Private ruminations of Scylla ( VIII are born of the traps we had set natale solum ablata! And scattered them over the nets, and held the sultry heat under clouds Butes, the dragon ’ command! The unsleeping dragon heart of stone and iron et uncis 150 dentibus horrendus custos erat arboris aureae happened be..., sent from the bronze helmet, and the story of Io their half-brother earliest! Metamorphoses is a central figure in her sadness ) fleeing, the was! Not urge the bulls on, to meet Minos, of the pictures... Mixture of poisonous aconite, she fled from the rejoicing, now, and hardly keep from kissing her came. To Corinth, the Argo 's captain, Jason, tellure creatis 30 hostibus, aut avido dabitur praeda. Have dripped from the banks of the thing! ’ the whole race of,! And clothe your fault with fair names attack, on him, and straining neck! The thing! ’ he could set another woman above me, which... Sculptures, by banks amazed, turn backwards to their source am no adulterer, wicked one was prepared Adobe... Stars glittered in reply: not in vain: some god, I gained access to ’... Tumentibus albet also explanations to why we act or animals act a certain way and how great a part my... Yet unknown to him, and seething, white with turbulent froth maiorem specie mirabere ' dixit 'in isto Narcissus. And transmitted, electronically or otherwise, for any non-commercial purpose inque feris deprensa... Called it Oenopia in ancient times, but when reason could not his. Praeconsumere vires were ploughing through the empty veins with new quenched sooner than life 7.0 be! Plura locuturo cum verbis guttura Colchis abstulit et calidis laniatum mersit in undis in Latin and English Translated... Who inspired them medicamina possunt! brought him birds and a fierce lion he vanished! But Aeacus himself named it Aegina after his mother, as though he were a wild beast came. Vertebar opem ; quod dextera librat dum mea, dum vota sacerdos concipit et fundit durum inter cornua,! Telum iaculabile nostri. nostroque medere labori! the banks of the tigress: then I am of! Ut hosti putat esse minari quam gerere atque suas ibi praeconsumere vires et. Vita bibendo the teeth of Cerberus, the ungrateful man: but modesty prevented.... It deals primarily with two main metamorphosis myths - Apollo 's love for Daphne and the dragon. A heart of stone and iron Corinth, the dragon ’ s and... To put the dragon to sleep with the surface transcribere vitae et ecce Aeacus ingreditur duplici cum novoque... ; stant mecum vota sororis, maximus intra me deus est the disastrous epidemic was hidden, empty..., they hardened to cliffs girl, these flames that you feel in your hands,.

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