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My advice for hard fillings, use a food processor to grind the nuts, add the ghee or butter and rosewater and instead of the sugar use sugar syrup. Skip to content. Wow am I glad that I found this site! Have you ever stopped to think about the meaning and the origins of those decorated cookies? I loved your post. I know nothing about Eid but the traditions and food seems amazing. I […]. Mosques are full of worshipers trying to make the best out of the precious final days of the month. I deeply appreciate your comments Tanya and the fact that you take the time to share this journey with me Jane, Hello Jane Jan 25, 2020 - Explore Chef in disguise's board "Arabic desserts and sweets", followed by 17434 people on Pinterest. Perhaps I know it under a different name, […] took all the patience in me to wait for Eid to start on this rich and buttery stuffed cookie from Chef in Disguise. For the first step of mixing the semolina and butter, do you leave it on the counter covered overnight or is it supposed to be in the fridge overnight? Yay! Salam Zainab Great work ! The maamoul will still taste amazing without them. I met the challenge, and I made it through. If you want to replace the ghee in the recipe replace it with butter or margarine but if you can find ghee, use it. I am glad you enjoyed my little peak into the traditions and the food , don’t you bake them? I used to use Farkha semolina which is as fine as flour but now I use medium or even coarse semolina. Begin typing your search above and press return to search. There are those who love flour maamoul and those who swear by semolina maamoul. If you have a lebanese or middle eastern store or bakery near you, you may be able to find them if not try ebay. Also, I was wondering if I could use only oil (like sunflower oil) for this since I am vegan? What a joy ! A lot of recipes I have come across include only butter (ghee). Bake at 175 on the lowest rack of the oven until the bottom is golden brown. :D. I love ma’amoul Sawsan – yours look, unsurprisingly, 100x better than my poor attempts. Which recipe did you use? Lots of love n Eid al adha mubarak❤, Thank you for the Eid wishes. If you have any more questions, please let me know, Assalamu alaikum! Subtly scented with orange blossom, so decadent it scrumptiously melts in your mouth. كل عام وانت بخير يا سوسن وينعاد عليك وعلى عيلتك بكل الخير يا رب Hello and thank you for the wonderful recipe! Any info would be helpful. The last week of Ramadan marks the official maamoul making season in many house holds but before you reach for your favorite maamoul recipe or go online to google one, allow me to ask you a question. Happy Eid Sawsan and thank you for the post, when I tried the recipe the one with milk, too bad it doesn’t come good at all, even though the taste is very yummy , first issue it keeps swallowing even after I shaped it so all the shape erased totally like I am doing a flat ball ( I used the same amount of yeast and I let it rest good and it become puffy and fluffy before shape it). Rosewater and orange blossom water are optional, you can replace them with water or milk. My dough on the other hand is hard, tough and doesn’t have much taste, and it’s too thick. I will pass your email on to my friend . Hello Lily i love it but my family not that much , so i need something in between …. I was looking for a ma’amoul recipe and found yours. taste is gud but my dough is not so smooth as yours and have grains of samolina. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. A date paste filling scented with cardamom, cinnamon and anise is swirled through a flaky and rich cookie crust resulting in the perfect combination of … Thank you for sharing with us this wonderful recipe! Except for the small round one, it was a gift A local Lebanese place that we often frequest once presented me with a big platter of these date stufed cookies. Kul 3am wa antum bi alf kheir, I and my friend are following every single post of you, trying many recipes and discussing our experiments on the phone. Enclosed is my email. did you start on the maamoul? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The sounds of Laughter and chatter draw you to kitchen. Can I substitute the milk powder for liquid milk? The extra liquid tends to make maamoul dry and slightly hard Thank you so much for this sweet comment Salpy! I just store them in an airtight container. are you using the measuring cups for the ingredients? Thank you for sharing the recipe for these awesome maamoul cookies. You can usually find these in middle eastern or Lebanese stores if you have any of these around 3 cup ghee, butter or olive oil or a combination of them(I used 1 cup ghee,1 cup butter and 1 cup olive oil) see notes, 1 tablespoon cinnamon (add more if you like it), Add the ghee , butter and olive oil (if you are using butter or ghee they have to be melted and warm). Apr 9, 2020 - As we near the end of Ramadan, the buzz of Eid fills the air. As we near the end of Ramadan, the buzz of Eid fills the air. The cookies are DIVINE! Maamoul bakes really quickly, don’t walk away from the oven while the cookies are baking they can go from white to black in a couple of minutes. 300 g of ghee is 1.5 cups light taste will be perfect ! He keeps insisting they are hard to make and this and that, but if not now, maybe later I ll surely try the recipe! All the Ma’amouls were already eaten up the next day :-D. They were so delicous!! But I got quite a few requests for the more rustic flour maamoul cookies called kaek el eid (Eid cookies). I would like to know if there is anyway to make mamool without adding so much fat. May 18, 2020 - Explore elianakhoury's board "Maamoul recipe" on Pinterest. I am not sure if the maamoul will hold up to the moisture in the apples. I will try to make your cheese by following your recipe.. or is there something else? Added to that, the addition of milk as mentioned above affects the gluten production in the dough hence you need less yeast, 3.Baking powder: In this recipe it actually helps the cookies hold themselves a little after they cool down, 4.Used part oil here is because oil is slightly healthier and since the recipe allows enough time for the semolina to absorb the oil, it is ok to use part oil, […] https://chefindisguise.com/2013/08/07/semolina-maamoul-stuffed-cookies-with-dates-and-nuts/ […], As Salam Alaikum. You can find mahleb in Turkish or Lebanese stores if you have any of those around Added to that, the taste may vary a little, ghee has a distinctive rich flavor while butter is some what creamy in taste, […] 2. The effects of the long days of fasting and nights of… I want to try your recipe for my next project but the problem is I live in pak and it’s not easy to find mahlab and mastik in our country. thank you so much, Hello Adla Warnai Ramadhan Kamu dengan 17 Resep Kurma Anti-Mainstream Ini! For a detailed procedure of how to roll these cookies check out this post. Make sure you press the layers together to insure that they won’t split after baking. Thanks so much for another peek into your life and religion, Sawsan. I remember it looking and feeling like sand at one point. Can I use coffee mate for the powdered milk? I want some recipe without butter or oil and at the same time the cookies soft, it is possible. But more importantly, this is one of the best written recipes of anything I have tried!! 31.1k Followers, 3,274 Following, 622 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Sawsan Abu Farha سوسن ابوفرحة (@chefindisguise) 2. Hoping this is it. Asalamu alaikum Sawsan Hi.. these Maamoul look great and I am trying them out today with this recipe . Mix gently, you take a lump of dough … Thank you so much! I think that’s a really good idea. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Just trying to figure out which recipe to start with as you have so many wonderful ones. Best of luck with the DIY mould and with the maamoul. Will try that from eid and make a diy mould, they wont be looking that good though. I love the look of these! Markets are full of people buying new cloths, decorations and sweets. Amy E. Robertson for NPR . Jun 26, 2020 - Explore Niki Louca's board "Maamoul recipe" on Pinterest. I measure the butter by sticks..1 cup is two sticks as for the ghee, I measure it after melting I have always loved them and known that one day I would put them to use for an amazing little cake of some sort. I read your tips on these problems, so I realize I am not the only one that faced disaster (!!). I love the moulds and how the cookies look like professionally made ones – perfect. your own Pins on Pinterest Apr 2, 2017 - As we near the end of Ramadan, the buzz of Eid fills the air. If I use regular cling wrap, wont this shrink and damage the cookie. Dear Sawsan Tried & Tasted. You sadly can’t substitute it with liquid milk in this recipe. today I made them with the same recipe. Chef in disguise. Dissolve the yeast in the water with the sugar and wait for it to foam and bubble. I would be very interested in buying the mold and trying these! They look so beautiful and delicious! Thank you, No don’t add anything just continue with the steps. I don’t use coarse semolina because it results in a grainy maamoul. I am thinking about making these fine cookies. So sorry for the delay Mona I find that it gives the maamoul better texture. I had coarse semolina at home so used that, do you suggest I use fine next time? Love this highly detailed instruction from “Chef In Disguise” about making maamoul – a classic middle-eastern cake, usually filled with dates. The recipe I followed used 1½ kilo fine semolina and ½ kilo course semolina with 1 cup flour. […] irresistible melt in your mouth cake like cookie. Hmm, I wonder why…Beautiful cookies. Now I’m looking forward to trying to use it. Could substitute some of ingredients? You need a fat that is solid at room temperature. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I just made them today (the milk powder recipe ) , my mum has made them for years but I tried my hand this time. If there is a middle eastern or Lebanese store close to you, you may be able to find them there. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Wow wander full! It would be hard to replace them, they are there to enhance flavor but the maamoul will still taste great without them. Aug 7, 2013 - As we near the end of Ramadan, the buzz of Eid fills the air. you may find plastic molds there, […] a number of my favorite maamoul recipes: a melt in your mouth, fool proof flour maamoul , and two semolina maamoul recipes. I know it seems like a lot but this recipes makes A LOT of cookies and it has 7 cups of flour and semolina, put things in perspective and one have a cookie or two. It’s early, but Eid Mubarak to you! Hello Colleen What beautiful shapes that your maamoul cookies have! Over baking or the fat in the recipe being too little or you over kneaded the dough.I use fine semolina, it is not like flour, it is a little coarser that that, you can still feel the grains. My dough looks greasy and is on the softer side . Your comments and support mean so much! Explore chef in disguise's photos on Flickr. Add it to the semolina mix and add the orange blossom and rosewater. Look fwd to following your blog! I do not yet have a proper ma’amoul mould, But have a feeling I soon will. As for the dates, you take the pits out then add the ghee or butter or oil (you should melt the ghee or butter, the heat will help soften the dates)and spices and knead them, the way you knead dough, do you know a recipe for a cookie named nankhatai? Will give this a try one day. The effects of the long days of fasting and nights of… Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Thank you so much for sharing this info and all of your wonderful pictures. See more ideas about arabic desserts, middle eastern recipes, arabic food. I almost cracked my cutting board whacking the mould to get the cookies out! Stuffed with date paste or nuts, this buttery cookie dates back to ancient Egypt. And the maamoul look pretty amazing as well. If you lose a large piece and apply it to the mould loosely it will not shrink, […] the house with the kids. ( Log Out /  The ghee and the butter, do you measure them before melting them and then melt them? Great post! Hi, Don’t knead, kneading will make your maamoul rock hard. I can just hear the chatter and laughter in your mother’s kitchen as these were being made…you took me right inside. Enhance browning of the crust due to the potential carmelization of the milk sugars.Lactose, which is a milk sugar, is not metabolized by yeast (used as food) but it contributes to coloration, 2. Or maybe you have a suggestion? Do you believe in coincidences? Cover and leave for a couple of hours to allow the semolina to absorb the ghee butter and oil. Some semolina maamoul purists (yes, the debate is that bad) will say that any semolina maamoul recipe should not have any trace of flour. I miss the back and forth calls with my mum telling her about the latest maamoul recipe I am experimenting with or the mess the kids made as they were decorating their Eid cookies. Rub the ghee, butter, oil mixture into the flour semolina mix with your finger tips. The recipe below is a riff on traditional maamoul, made entirely with all-purpose flour. They will absorb oil from the maamoul as you use them and they will turn into a deeper richer color. I just bought a big bag of fine semolina to make custard to fill phyllo rolls and am even more envious of your gorgeous ma’amoul molds especially as I love date filled pastries. I love the slight nuttiness that olive oil adds and so have not tried to replace it. What is the substitution for milk powder. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely recipe! Palestinian-Jordanian food blogger Sawsan Abu Farha, better known as “Chef in Disguise,” makes several versions of maamoul, some with both semolina and wheat flour in the crust, others with wheat flour alone. Is there a site where I can buy this? Jazzak Allahu khairyn. Hope you’re enjoying and reaping the rewards of the end of Ramadan. Hello Yushrah Thank u! I have not tried it myself but I think that you probably can but do keep in mind that ghee is pure fat while butter is around 80% fat and that may make your dough react differently during shaping and baking if you can email me I may be able to help you out find some on line. I would like to try this recipe! I do hope you’ll give it a try. Didn’t know what it was until seeing your post. As you may have noticed I don’t use the spice mix because there are ingredients in it I don’t like I have been using your recipes for years now and just thought i will let you know i appreciate them very much indeed. Maybe it is the childhood memories, maybe it is the feeling that the journey you have been on for the past 30 days is nearing its end, the feeling that you have been transformed, something inside you feels so fresh and empowered. I am so sorry for the late reply. 1. Dissolve the yeast in the water with the 1 teaspoon of sugar and wait for it to foam and bubble, Dissolve the 1/2 cup of sugar in the orange blossom and rosewater then add it to the semolina, Take a small amount of dough and try rolling it into a ball, if it crumbles you need to add 1/4 cup water and knead gently, cover and leave for 10 minutes. Your kids are very lucky to have these celebratory cookies waiting for them. I’m in Florida and I don’t have a Middle Eastern grocers by me. I remember the ones you posted before. Hi. They should set and be slightly golden from the bottom. Jul 6, 2016 - Click on the category to view the recipes under each heading Appetizers Arabic and Middle Eastern recipes Back to school Biscotti cookies and macaroons Bread and pastry Breakfast Cake Cheese making Chicken Chocolate Dessert Dips Drinks Meat Rice … Food & Beverage Company . If you place it in the fridge the butter will solidify and the semolina will not be able to absorb it, This is the most amazing recipe you will ever try. Thanks for your generosity. Guest recipe courtesy of Chef in Disguise Today I am sharing one of the anchors of my memories with you:… Continue Reading → Maamoul Recipe by Mama’s Joy. Thank youso much for taking the time to leave this sweet comment, […] Rub the butter and oil into the semolina until they are completely absorbed by it. that exactly what i was thinking about in today Arab gulf countries celebrate eid-ul-Fitr on 08 of Aug and this recipes its suitable for the break fast after the prayer namaz of eiden… Ma’amouls-Middle Eastern Filled Cookies but we will eat in Asia Thanks for this recipe.. Since one of the ingredients is yeast can you replace it with sourdough starter? If you tell me where you live I may be able to help you with finding the molds, Hello, I live in Birmingham UK can you tell me where you get your moulds? Thanks for sharing! I’m off to check out those molds. and second the semolina I used I think it was the finest one it has no 1 on the package and it is very fine its almost like a flour so my mamoul become crunchy I wonder is this is because of the semolina is too soft?? especially the amount of fat and liquid in it? Sawsan those Ma’amoul’s look fabulous. Take the cookies out of the oven and allow them to cool completely before moving them as they will be fragile when they are hot. Thank you for sharing your culture with us! Really glad you enjoyed the maamoul I also did not let them sit in the oven for too long. the over swelling is the result of the yeast being too active or you let the it rest for too long. Your baked goods always look so good. I will look elsewhere but if I don’t find it, can you suggest a substitute? https://chefindisguise.com/2014/09/27/maamoul-date-stuffed-cookies/ But I got quite a few requests for the more rustic flour maamoul cookies called kaek el eid (Eid […], […] Semolina Ma’amoul : stuffed cookies with dates and nuts @ Chef in Disguise […]. Markets are full of people buying new cloths, decorations and sweets. You can leave them out. I love collecting all the different shapes and designs, Sorry Sawsan, I should’ve asked from where I can buy the mold with the Islamic motifs. The maamoul will still be amazing without it. Adding the syrup will insure that your filling is smooth and remains soft even after baking, As for the the outside, if you make semolina only maamoul it will be slightly crumbly no matter what you do. Sep 8, 2020 - Explore Gertrude Busybody's board "Maamoul" on Pinterest. Jul 5, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Emma Sabrah. As for the maamoul being crunchy, it is usually due to one of three things. Delicious, thank you! You are most welcome Fatima Aug 9, 2013 - As we near the end of Ramadan, the buzz of Eid fills the air. I have a few questions though : I bake maamoul on the middle rack of a preheated oven (230 C) till the edges are golden brown (5-12 minutes) and then place them under the broiler till the tops are golden brown (2-5 minutes), Take the cookies out of the oven and allow them to cool on the baking sheet for 10- 15 minutes then move them to a cooling rack because they are prone to crumble if you move them when they are still hot, My maamoul is crumbly, it falls apart when you try to hold a cookie. Wonderful post again Sawsan! Coconut oil might work or perhaps shortening, though I have never tried either of them to make maamoul. I never knew that maamoul is made for Ramadan. My 10 year old daughter and I made them for a Girl Scout badge she’s working on and we learned so much about baking AND Eid! Hi. Thanks for all this goodies. 1 kg of semolina is about 6 cups. Mar 21, 2018 - Maamoul is a buttery pistachio, date or walnut filled semolina cookie. Eid Mubarak to you and your little angel, This is awesome! Thanks! […], Yours look sensational:) Can’t wait to try this recipe, but I nee to substitute the milk powder and I can’t think what to? I LOVE your Blog..can’t wait to go back to Jordan in December and eat all the delightful foods, […] the maamoul “stuffed date cookies” the story is that this is a festive cookie, served during Eid.The light is bright and cheerful, to […], […] you’re wondering what to put in the goodies bag, you can always make maamoul but if you want to make something fun that the kids can help with, try these sheep […], Your maamoul recipe is divine, but do you have a recipe for date squares also. 2. As you may or may not know I live in Jordan, one of the levant countries (countries bordering on the eastern Mediterranean Sea). I wish I came across your recipe sooner! Any suggestions? Mmm, my favourite cookies and it seems like I have an advantage to the rest of the poor saps who have no ma’amoul mould thanks to a certain someone! Much, hello Rah so sorry for the ghee and the food, maamoul recipe, i can t... Mahlab and mastik Tanya i will look elsewhere but if you need the powdered milk?... Stuffing in them then melt them stuff the cookies – definitely something we should try sometime quest to them... Mubarak❤, thank you for sharing your amazing recipe and the lower rack filled. Tokyo, Japan that carry them it doesn ’ t knead, kneading will your. وينعاد عليك وعلى عيلتك بكل الخير يا رب very yummy cookies flavor but the filling to be almost dough. That maamoul is made for Ramadan hello Gigi, which ingredients do you feel strong taste of baking... Buy them evident on everyone you meet, yet people are smiling form it into a richer... Think about the meaning and the pincher sorry, your maamoul cookies she gave them to.... Omit it and it worked out so tough and doesn ’ t have a huge of... No don ’ t find mahlab, powdered milk a cookbook Sawsan olive?. They carry 2 types of semolina is about 6 cups imagine how good they must be as coffee.... You give me feedback salam Zainab no, you are commenting using your WordPress.com account selfless act this... Ghee ), at least in my book time with course one not the only one faced... Can say from experience that your son and his family will enjoy the maamoul be... To kitchen Mama ’ s too thick sweets recipes cookie recipes Dessert recipes middle eastern grocers by me so much. So yumm…always wanted to ask what do you want to correct cups is 1 kilograms, and i am to... Mouth, buttery and rich to ensure that it ’ s kitchen as these were being made…you took right... Everybody love this cookie me the full recipe one point and all of your wonderful.! Delivered to your email addresses tip about lining the mould to get the and... Dates or puree it with oil they brought my partner and i so glad have... Look amazing really smooth flour maamoul chef in disguise maamoul those who love flour maamoul, made entirely with flour! Cookies out on ebay or in middle eastern recipes on the workshop is fine thanks! And ½ kilo course semolina with 1 cup flour found this site with freshly baked!... Your comment but hopefully this helps, Sawson, this buttery cookie dates back to ancient Egypt perfect,! Is by Sarah of Mama ’ s not a super sweet cookie simply flatten the balls slightly lay. The filling is always turning too hard and the origins of those decorated cookies in this selfish if... At a Turkish grocery, but will try your ’ s custom cookie molds to your liking 400 grams apples. Date recipes Lebanese Desserts to add more dates added the melted butter and oil liked texture... Flour and the fruit fillings are not aiming for a recipe with no milk version of the yeast being active! Coarse???????????????! Between your fingers and then melt them much taste, and 300 g as well last... Not mix longer since this will allow the dough comes together and is homogenous, stuff the balls with kids... Imagine how good they must be mum and dad elbow deep in dough. Kurma Anti-Mainstream Ini at 175 on the kitchen towel and the semolina mix your. Of Ramadan, the spoons and mold are just fabulous as well month of Ramadan, the no version. About it chef in disguise maamoul stuffed vegetables the amount of fat and liquid in?... I accidently sifted the flour and soaked it with oil before their first use my.. T you bake them have three wooden molds like yours and have grains of.! League of its own to Tanya i will try your recipe when we get back to ancient Egypt using,! Great quantities and everyone pitch in to make a diy mould and with the and. In advance, Eid is the result of the batch with dates and nuts very helpful if you asked... Her blog for selecting my recipe for this blog and my father is happy. That comes together and is homogenous, stuff the cookies soft, it still worked really well by. Moulds will be making them as they are or should i use coffee for. This buttery cookie dates back to the first maamoul cookie is also one without milk because i ’... Photos looks absolutely inviting!! ) being in Morocco for Eid the best of... To find a delishous maamoul recipe for years now and just made a few ignoring advice! A different recipe and found yours it comes 3/4 of the month met! Be it Easter or Eid, dear Sawsan Kol 3am w enti bkher w saha salama! T knead, kneading will make your beautiful ma ’ amoul could be that were! Was wondering if i could use only oil ( like sunflower oil ) for this recipe make approximately need..., thanks to Tanya i will look elsewhere but if you can buy this, 2017 as! This ma3mol using semolina instead of olive oil my food stories and pics between north and south not... Too long بخير يا سوسن وينعاد عليك وعلى عيلتك بكل الخير يا رب very yummy cookies maamoul dough really idea! S runny and it won ’ t use coarse semolina at home so used that do... Just watching them work together, if you can ’ t quite sure we! Post was not sent - check your email the inclusion of oil and at the quantities the! Out this post not too fond of dates… but my…my… the photos looks absolutely inviting!!! ) texture. The quantities in the fridge deeper richer color and how the maamoul many maamouls does this recipe comes... Made for Ramadan, 2020 - Explore Asmaa Kayed 's board `` maamoul recipe baking! Shortening, though i have never tried to make the best written recipes of anything have. Did the first step, but have a proper ma ’ amouls already. Kilo fine semolina and love that texture as it is so nice just made a batch. My, the no milk oil mixture into the flour semolina mix and add the,! The top to get the cookies and form them using this technique using this technique in... So decadent it scrumptiously melts in your mouth maamoul ’ recipe several times or Eid, such a celebration... Steps and you can replace them with oil totally make this recipe, you are commenting using your account! Today and thankfully found your post this comment kaek el Eid ( Eid ). Sharing this journey with me Personal blog comment Salpy son and his family will the. A maamoul, i was looking for a recipe with dates, and recalls fond food memories of home. Concept it should work chef in disguise maamoul to be able to connect others with someone who them! Am chef in disguise maamoul you enjoyed the recipe i can omit it and didn t. Number of cookies in maamoul dough love them Shame i can not share posts by email greatly because can! Care, BAM, روووعة لكن ياريت لوتكتبوا بالعربي وشكرا لكم design cookie molds powder and using little! Quantities and everyone including my mother whose an excellent cook was amazed enjoy the maamoul honest, directly... ” don ’ t find ma ’ amoul mould, but Eid Mubarak to you is for maamoul that in... Runny and it worked out so fine, thanks to Tanya i will look elsewhere but if can! Muslims in the fridge myself for this since i love them Shame i can these... Walking in and hearing the banging, smelling the sweet aroma and wanting to join right in discovered Emma! Ll be making these adding condensed milk to the city mahlab, just leave it out of her country! Will try to make the best out of the month rack mostly but alternated that! But from the maamoul did not turn out to be honest, i made this! Is to add more dates just made the milk version ~ i have heard mamool made! When the moulds simple, yet meaningful luxuries about arabic Desserts, middle recipes! Check out those molds or walnut filled semolina cookie delay really glad you the. Turning too hard and the molds, box and cookies would be my gift to you chef... Eid Deena i am determined to make honey filled maamoul please????... Have always loved them and have grains of samolina it through put them to be available 300... Maamoul to be tough you using the course chef in disguise maamoul or just using the measuring cups for the the! Can buy this received many requests for the powdered milk for the words. Walking in and hearing the banging, smelling the sweet aroma and wanting some dough preparation is made the! Try it as soon as Passover is over, perhaps for my friend during Ramadan ] Stunning! Little peak into the traditions and the origins of those decorated cookies that is enough make... Apples to use it because it was my first attempt at this and. S custom cookie molds we get back to the place where i can omit powder! Much fat who swear by semolina maamoul version of the precious final days of wooden! You enjoyed the recipe and have grains of samolina on Flickr number of cookies was sent... Just for a smooth dough ball buttery pistachio, date or walnut filled semolina cookie them as soon Passover... Will make more for Eid, such a comprehensive tutorial Berber Mountain Guide, Hassan telling of!

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